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Vallance Obits from WCOGS

Let me just sing some praises to the Wood County Chapter The Ohio Genealogical Society (WCOGS). These volunteers provided me a service that I will forever be in their debt for. Never before I have I sent away for genealogical information, but what a blessing to obtain records of relatives, even if they didn't necessarily tell me what I had hoped they would. Roll Call:


Wood County Sentinel
20 May 1869

Mr. James Valens, Sr. should read Mr. James Vallance, Sr.

Bled to Death.---On Monday morning May 14th, Mr. James Valens Sr., resident of Montgomery Township in this county, left his home to chop wood about forty rods distant(40 rods is 660 feet or 220 yards or .13 of a mile). At noon, as usual, his wife blowed the dinner-horn for him, and he not coming the wife started in search of him. When about ten rods (160 feet 55 yards or .01 of a mile) from the house she found him lying near the fence dead. The unfortunate man had cut his foot in a fearful manner, and had started for home but did not succeed before weakened by the loss of blood. His wife found him lying upon the wet ground, with his head resting on a chunk of wood. He was an elderly man and the only support of the bercaved (bereaved) wife.

*James Vallance Senior is my 3rd Great Grandfather. He was born in Pennsylvania around 1803.


WCS 22, October 1885

Mrs. Sarah Stump of Portage twp., died on Monday night of last week at the age of 44 years, under circumstances that lead to the belief that death resulted from eating cabbage that had been "paris greened" to kill the cabbage worms. Her daughter, Hattie Vallance, died on the Tuesday previous under similar circumstances.

*Sarah Wise Vallance Stump died 12 Oct 1885
*Hattie Vallance died 6 Oct 1885

*Sarah Wise married first Joseph Vallance, son of James Vallance Sr. and Elizabeth Brubaker Vallance, died in the Civil War. Sarah married second Samuel Byron Stump.


WCS 9 April 1885

Old Mrs. Vallance, a pioneer of this county, died at her home south of Freeport on Sunday.

*My 3rd Great Grandmother, maiden name Brubaker, born about 1802 in Pennsylvania, wife of James Vallance Sr., died 5 April 1885.


DS 8 July 1913

Heart trouble and other complications is given as the cause of the death of John Vallance, aged 51 who died at the Wood County Infirmary Monday night. The funeral will be held at the infirmary Wednesday about one o'clock. Rev. Orwig of Bowling Green will officiate. The deceased was an unmarried man who was born near Prairie Depot May 8, 1862. Up until last February he had always lived in that vicinity. So far as could be determined he had no living relatives. He leaves man, friends and acquaintances in Montgomery township.

*Son of Sarah Wise Vallance Stump and Joseph Vallance who died in the Civil War. Joseph Vallance is the son of James Vallance Sr. and Elizabeth Brubaker Vallance.

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