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Merłowicz born Stanislawow, Austria

19 Dec. 1871- John Merlowicz born Stanislawow, Austria
*Reference USA Declaration of Intention

10 Oct. 1898- John Merlowicz immigrated from Bremen, Germany arriving at the port of Honolulu the territory of Hawaii. On the vessel "Gladda"
*Reference USA Declaration of Intention 
**H. F. Glade traveled between Austria/Poland and Honolulu

12 April 1911 Ellis Island- Immigration of Dorka (Swojbocan) age 34 and Eudocha age 11 Marlowicz Interpretation of Isidora's Passport:
Page 1: Name: Merlowycz, Isidora
Residence: Pauszowka
District: Czortkow
Country: Galicia

Page 2: Isidora's Description
Statue: middle
Year of Birth: 1875
Hair: brown
Eyes: grey blue
Mouth, Nose: Are proportioned
Face: Oval

Page 4: Description of Daughter
Name: Eudoxia
Born: Pauszowka, Czortkow, Galicia
Age: 12 Single
Statue: middle
Face: oval
Hair Color: dark
Eyes: Blue
• July 1920 - September 1920: Stanyslaviv, Galician Soviet Socialist Republic
Federal Census for Wa>King>Enumclaw Precinct South Ward Series T625 Roll 1924 page 101
MARLOVICZ, John (38)Came to US-1889, Alian, Read-Yes, Write -Yes, b. Austria, mother tongue-Coratian, pb. Austria, Language-Croatian, Farmer, Dairy
MARLOVICZ, Dorthea, wife,(43) Came to US - 1911, Read - No, Write - No, b. Austria, mother tongue-Coratian, pb. Austria, Language-Croatian
MARLOVICZ, Edith, daughter,(21) Came to US-1911, Read-Yes, Write - No, b. Austria, mother tongue-Croatian
MARLOVICZ, Clara A., daughter,(8) b. Washington, pb. Austria MARLOVICZ, Frank J.(4 and 9/12) b. Washington, pb. Austria
11 April 1928- Signed US Declaration of Intention
• September 1920 - September 1939: Stanisławów, Poland, capital of the Stanisławów Voivodship
Census for: Enumclaw, King, Washington; Roll: 2490; Page: 3B; Enumeration District: 279; Image: 84.0.
MERLOWICZ, John, Head (61) married, age married-24, read & write-yes, b. Poland, pb. Poland, language-"Little Russia", year immigrated 1900, naturalized, able to speak English- yes, Dairyman
MERLOWICZ, Dorothy (57), married, age married 20, read and write-yes, b. Poland, pb. Poland, language spoken "Little Russia", year immigrated 1911, Naturalized, speaks English, farm laborer
MERLOWICZ, Frank (15), single, b. Washington
22 Dec. 1953- Death Snohomish, Snohomish, Washington Washington State Death Records for John Merlowicz
Name: John Merlowicz
Date of Death: 22 Dec 1955
Age: 86
Gender: Male
Death Place: Snohomish, Snohomish, Washington
MEMORIAL RECORDS OF SOUTH KING COUNTY, WA Vol. VI Evergreen Memorial Park, Holy Family Krain Cemetery and Veterans Memorial Park, all in Enumclaw
MERLOWICZ Dorothy 114

In genealogy there's a common phrase used for an ancestor or line that dead ends, they're called a "brick wall". In my family my paternal great grandfather, John Merlowicz, is a "brick wall", so-to-speak. So is his wife, Isidora Dorthea Swojbocan. I've hit walls before, usually I find a way to jump them, but this one has been almost insurmountable. Sunday, I visited the LDS Family History Center. It had been awhile since I'd checked Ancestry and I felt prompted to try variations of GGrandfather's last name.

This time "Merlowicz" had several hits. My GGrandfather on the 1930 census and several other men carrying the same surname: Hramar Merlowicz, Fed Merlowicz, Fedio Merlowicz, Michal Merlowicz, Micolaj Merlowicz, and Nicolaus Merlowicz. Common demonimator? Pauszowka, Czortkow, Galicia. As if finding the information on all these men wasn't sweet enough my GGrandfather's naturalization records popped up as well. The spelling is no longer a question. He now has a birth date and a birth place. So, GGrandfather Merlowicz, if you're listening, "I love you and I promise, I promise, I will find our family-they will not be forgotten!"

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