Thursday, November 13, 2008


Yesterday I attended a funeral for a 17 year old boy who lost his year long fight with cancer. Coupled with my love for family history, I found myself contemplating many questions. While I don't have the answers to all my questions there are some things I know without doubt.

I know we live to die and we die to live.
I know our merciful Lord intends all his children to have the opportunity for salvation, regardless of when they were born, or opportunities granted or not granted on this earth.
I know I made promises to family members I would never cross paths with on my mortal journey.
I know the dreams and hopes of my ancestors and descendents are imprinted on my palms.
I know families can be together forever.
I know my Savior lives, and with God nothing is impossible.
I know the veil between this life and the next is thin, and if we take time to ponder and listen we can receive personal promptings and answers to our questions.

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