Monday, August 18, 2008

John Wiggins and Mary Danvers

John Wiggins is my 4th Great Grandfather. He was born 21 August 1782 in Danbury, Essex, England and is buried at the Church of Woodham, Mortimer, Essex, England.

The 'monster' misery of Ireland; a practical treatise on the relation of landlord and tenant By John Wiggins: Esq. F.G.S. English Agent to Estates in the South and North of Ireland.MONSTER MISERY IRELAND A PRACTICAL TREATISE ON THE RELATION OF LANDLORD AND TENANT WITH Suggestions fat tUgtolatibe erasures AND THE MANAGEMENT OF LANDE D PRO PERT Y THE RESULT OF ABOVE THIRTY YEARS EXPERIENCE AND STUDY OF THE SUBJECT JOHN WIGGINS ESQ FGS IXGLISH AGENT TO ESTATES IN THE SOUTH AND NORTH OF IRELAND fa & s V f fcrd Property has its duties as well as its rights LONDON RICHARD BENTLEY NEW BURLINGTON STREET Dulilisljer In cmiinari to Scv ffatrstj 1844 THE "

John Wiggins was an English agent for over thirty years in Ireland. Excerpts from the above book are also quoted in the following text:

PART LIII, July, 1878.

The Economic History Of Ireland From The Union To The Famine
By: George O'Brien LITT. D., M.R.I.A
Published in 1921

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